interface msp430 with cc3000wifi TI need external components

Hello all, I am using msp430f249 MCU to interface with cc3000mod TI and I had a problem when initiating start cc3000 via SPI. when I sent first write command to start cc3000 wifi , but cc3000 response wrong data. here is cc3000 document: : from msp430 to cc3000 command: 01 00 05 00 00 01 00 40 01 00 . I sent right command on TXbuffer register. from cc3000 to msp430 command: I received : {02}{00}{FF}{00}û{00}{00}{00}{00}û (wrong received data) instead of 02 00 00 00 05 04 00 40 01 00 (right data). Only first two bytes are true 0x02,0x00 and otherwise is false. there are 5 connected pins, SPI_CS,SPI_Din,SPI_Dout, SPI_CLK, SPI_INT. Personally, I think that signals did not completely transmit to cc3000, so it didn't response right data. I pay attention to 2 pins SPI_CLK and SPI_Dout because it transmits data to cc3000. I get feedback someone say that it didn't match impedance but I don't know how much impedance or capacitor, resistor, inductor should add?. I am not electrical profession, so it is difficult to solve it. Someone can help cope with this situation, hopely? Thank you so much regards Tuong

someone help solve this one?


Your question is much better answered if you ask it here-->