Interface problem w/ Mega and RN-41 bluetooth

I'm trying to interface the SparkFun Bluetooth Mate, which uses an RN-41 bluetooth module, with the Ardino Mega. I've got it wired as follows:

RX: TX1 of Mega
TX: RX1 of Mega
VCC: 5V of Mega
RTS: floating
CTS: floating

I'm trying to send it anything, "1234", "MEGA", whatever, and have it show up in on the Mega. I'm using the following code:

char temp;
  temp =;

I've also tried setting the baud rate on the RN-41 to 9600 for convenience, but there seems to be no dice either. Do I need to program something in for RTS and CTS? I've tried connecting them to each other too with no luck. Help? :cry:

comon guys please? anything?

yeah, same prob here

if you get it to work email me

also try using other rx/tx pins, is the red light turning on