Interface the 23k256


I'm trying out the SPI SRAM chip from (the 23k256). I think I have some problems with the interfaceing. SPI seems to work properly (checked with a scope). My SPI is running in mode 1, MSB first and operates with the highest clock diveder (slowest possible SCK).

The SCK and MOSI are connected to the 23k256 trough the logic level converter from sparkfun. The MISO connected directly from the chip to my arduino (uno). I connected the 3.3v output from my arduino to the LV of the logic converter and to the Vcc of the chip. The 5v output is connected to the HV input of the logic converter. Since I do not use the HOLD pin it should be high, and thus is also connected to the 3.3v. The CS is connected to my arduino trough a voltage divider (R1 = 12K and R2 = 22K).

I get back zero's only from the MISO..

Can anyone see where I go wrong? If you need more info to help me, please ask!

Thanks in advance,