interface usb webcam with arduino uno and visual basic 6

hy everyone i have project to make some security system in home,i have PIR sensor that will trigger the usb webcam if the PIR sensor detect something then camera will active and record the video,visual basic 6 will show the real time video,can i possible to do that ? thanks

Hi, welcome to this forum,

An arduino itself is incapable of handling video. It can do a lot, but has far to little ram and is far to slow for video.

It can easily check a PIR sensor and send a signal to a PC though. If you use the PC to check for such a message and take care of the webcam-part, you can do what you want.

If your PC still has a parallel printer port, it may also be possible to connect the PIR sensor to one of its input-pins, saving you an arduino.

thank yo mr.simpson for your answer so,i can use webcam but connect to pc not to arduino ? arduino can send signal to pc and trigger webcam to active to star recording,but how can i do that ? sorry for bad english :)

The Arduino can send messages to the PC through the Com port. It sends them by using the Serial.print command. Your BASIC program then responds to anything coming in on the Com port.