Interface with Dallas 1-Wire

The Arduino can, of course, "talk" directly to Dallas 1-Wire chips and networks of chips.

On the other hand, if you are averse to reinventing the wheel, and want to move some of the load off of your Arduino, you can use external devices.

I wrote at length about one such device. That essay's at...

Since writing that, I've become aware of another device with similar capabilites, the $18 (+p&p... $7.28 on an order of a number of things) HA7S from....

(aka the following, if you don't trust tinys...

Has anyone worked with this device? Looks like a good fit with Arduino. Comes fully assembled, you just plug it into a protoboard. 2cm x 2.5 cm, including pins, which are in the plane of the pcb. Six pins.

For those not familiar with 1-Wire....

Once you have the HA7, through it you can talk with temperature sensors, counters, ADCs, memory modules, digital I/O chips... which can be a long way from your Arduino. The chips are daisy-chained via two wires, making a "MicroLan". Each is addressable. More at...

(For those who think this post is just a self-serving bit of self promo... you are partly right. But note that all of the stuff on my pages that I refer to here is free, just things to help you enjoy your Arduino.)

Enjoy, and hoping to hear from happy HA7 users,


Has anyone looked at the Dallas I²C to 1-Wire Bridge Device?


Looks interesting ! - easy 1-wire maybe ? all we need is a good library :slight_smile:

Re: Interface with Dallas...

Looks very interesting to me as well!
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