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Hello everyone,

I recently understood that if I want to change my cracked iPhone XR LCD screen myself, I will loose the TrueTone functionality. Is seems that the iPhone motherboard checks that the LCD internal eeprom contains some kind of serial number that must match the one registered in the motherboard.

Official Apple resellers are able to copy/paste this serial number from the original screen to any new one, and thus transfer the TrueTune functionality.
Some Chinese companies also sell specific devices to do this (you basically plug your old screen, read the data, plug the new screen, write the data).
These devices are quite expensive for someone who just needs to replace 1 screen (around 100€$) and, of course, repair companies that bought these devices will use it only on the screens they sell, not yours.

As these devices seem to have a common interface and various daughterboards with only LCD/battery/HapticEngine connectors, my guess is that some I2C protocol is used.

So I wonder if someone already made some investigation and maybe some experiment to allow data transfers from/to iPhone LCD screens with an Arduino?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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