Interface with Max 4.3?

Hi everyone,

I've set up an Arduino board on both an iMac and an aluminum G4 Powerbook of mine. The Arduino setup seems fine on both... the blinking LED sketch works, yada yada yada.

I'm then trying to use SimpleMessageSystem to interface with Max. This worked fine on the iMac (running the latest version of Max). However, it does not recognize the USB port on my powerbook, although I clicked "print" to check the name of the port (b, in my case).

Is my problem that I am running Max 4.3? Unfortunately, I don't want to switch right now because of 3rd party library issues (Auvi in particular), but does that mean I'm locked out of Max-Arduinoland? It was really easy to set up on the newer computer.

Thanks! Betsey


it sounds like the FTDI USB drivers are missing.. are they correctly installed?


Hmmm this is similar to my problem i think.

Im working on a MACBook Pro running OSX 1.4.9

I have the board running from the arduino software no worries.

When I try to connect I can see the little sod and make the leds flash on and off but that all - I cant send any messages to it or receive any from it.

So I dont have an answer for you except that you I guess it means you are only temporarily locked out of Arduinoland via MAX. Until some kind person lends us a hand.

You might also try asking for help from the Max/MSP folks. If the Arduino works okay by itself, then the problem is probably somewhere in the Max serial object. I'd like to help, but the computers I've tried Max-Arduino communication with have just worked, so I don't have any troubleshooting tips for you.