interface with nRF24L0+ transceiver with arduino


i am a student working on a project for my final year in college, i need to be able to send and receive simple data between two similar nRF24L0+ transceivers. this is just part of my project.

i am having extreme difficulties sorting out the source code for this type of interface, does anyone have a sample source code for this? any amount of help is deeply appreciated, thank you very much...


How are you connecting the radios? Typically, they connect to the TX and RX pins, and you just Serial.print() and to send and receive data.

i m connecting the rf transceiver with the arduino board, using the SPI method.... i have connected the pins from the rf transceiver ( MISO,MOSI,SCK,CSN) to the SPI pins of the arduino board. i m using the arduino pro mini board.

do you any sample codes for this particular type of interfacing?

thx for reading and replying... much appreciated..