Interface with Printer "servo"?

Im new to arduino, so bear with me here. I recently pulled a servo from a dead printer. It is not a normal servo.It is a motor with a rotoray seneser coming out the back. It has a disk and a ir thing coming out the back. How do I controll it? Pic's in the morning cause im going to bed now. Thanks in advance.

Do a forum search for "stepper motor" as that is what is usually used in printers.

Examine the motor closely for any ID number. Use Google, or post here.

Well I figured it out when I was toying around with my radio's vho knob. Basicly, its an optical rotary encoder sticking out the back of the motor. The ir led/photo tranisitor thing is marked: li5d11 0834p

Any help getting the pin out and how to interface would help me greatly. There are no chips on the board coming out the back of the motor, just the optical senser and a bunch of wires.

Im working on it, but i left the motor in my shop, so ill grab it when the next bus comes. Also, i did google the endoder's(i think) part number and turned up nothing. Note: When i google it now, the only thing that comes up is this thread.

Found an identical part, taking pictures now.

messed up on the part number a little, its reallly l15d21. Picture:

Click on it for a bigger imager. Ima take a shower.

Thanks for the help. Next question, Is the distance output how far the object moving in between the senser has moved? In that case would all I need to know to use the motor as a servo be to find the circrumfrance of the wheel it deticts and the distance in between the lines on the wheel? Sorrey for any errors, i am on my wii wating for my computer to finish up dating.

I have the real motor now, here are the pic's (click to view full image):

Im geussing the "448cpr" on the disk means 488 counts per rotation?

Yes, they are the leads. I always knew it was a simple motor, i even stated it in the first post (abet in a strange and hard to understand way. Thanks very much for the help.