Interfacing 5v analog pressure sensor with 3,3v

Hi, guys, can any one confirm if 4050 level shifter will work to interface 5V sensor(0.5v-4.5v range) with DUE analog input?? If not, can some one please suggest simple, reliable solution?. thank you.

The 4050 level shifter is for digital signals however you mention using an analog input. What is your sensor?

You right. i used 4050 to power my display and spi signal.
the sensor i use is pressure sensor 3 wire 5V supply range 0.5v=0psi, 4.5v=150psi.

The simplest circuit would be a resistor voltage divider, however it would be good to know the part# or datasheet for the sensor in order to determine the appropriate values, or best approach.

This is all i know about it.

there is another thing i did not mention in the post as i thought it might be straight forward.
the design looks like this

Sensor(5V)->attiny85(ether 5v or 3.3v)-> i2c bus → P82B71 booster → P82B71 ->i2c bus → arduino due(3.3v) → screen(3.3v)

where i can make sensor + attiny 5v and than send data through i2c to due, but than i`m going to need some device btw 5v attiny and 3.3v due.

6 sensors in total.

Or as mentioned, keeps running everthing from 3,3v and just to step in linear fashion signal btw attiny and sensor.

Well, it’s still not that staight forward. Detailed information like sensor specifications and diagram of your project would be useful.

Anyways, I’ll do some guessing…

Perhaps the specifications are like this sensor:

If so, then it mentions the Working Current <=10 mA … is this the load current range?

If so, then a voltage divider like this should work fine without overloading the sensor output:

4.5V from sensor ●-------1K-------●-------2.7K-------● GND
                        3.3V Due Analog Input

Im not sure but they actually migh be 20mA as i saw someone mention it before. if i use devider as you mentioned, am i still going to have linear fashion?

If the sensor has a current output, i.e. 0-20mA or 4-20mA, then it will take a certain loading resistor of low value to convert the output current to a voltage.

If the sensor has a voltage output, then a resistive voltage divider circuit could work, providing it doesn’t overload the sensor’s output signal. Also the impedance of this circuit must also be kept <= 10K in order to get accurate readings on the analog input.

if i use devider as you mentioned, am i still going to have linear fashion?

Yes, if your sensor has an analog voltage output (I think it does).

could you point where i can find some info regarding choosing the right resistors for the voltage divider

I'm thinking the 1K and 2.7K as per reply#5 would work. Here's some reference material (lots available here and through various search engines).

Voltage Dividers

Voltage Divider Calculator

Thank you. This was very helpful.

If its voltage output you need to check the output impedance and max current before deciding on voltage divider resistor values. Go with 10k as the low resistor as that is the highest value that will still work well with the ADC, so you impose the lightest load on the sensor's output. That would mean a top resistor of 5k (or 4k7 if you can't find 5k0)

MarkT, sorry i dont get that -> low/top resistor?:)

Draw a diagram of a resistor divider - one resistor is above the other, in voltage and in position on the diagram.

not knowing anything about this sensor, I would like to make a suggestion. It may be a simple load sensor, a variable resistor that changes with pressure. You may be able to change the input voltage from 5V to 3.3V. Using a voltmeter check the voltage at different pressures. if it will work at 3.3V, your problem will be solved.