interfacing a 3.3v arduino with a 5v SN74HC595 question

Alright, so i need to drive leds that operates at a minimum forward voltage of 4.7v
so far everything is good.

The question is since i will need to control the output of the 74HC595 running at 5v via its pin 13 (OE)
with the Arduino which is running at 3.3v, will it cause any issues ??

the pin 13(OE) is active low which implies that when the Arduino port that is connected to
pin 13(OE) is low then it will be sinking current from the 74HC595 so this should cause a problem to the Arduino right right ??

Need I divide the voltages with resistors or it shouldn't cause anything issues ??
Wait a minute.. the Atmega328p is 1.8v - 5.5v thus there should be absolutely no problem right ??
am i wrong ??

suggestions ??

The Arduino needs to be powered by 5V in order to connect directly to 5V devices. You cannot expose an input on a 3.3V Arduino to 5V.

Otherwise, use a logic level converter.

What model Arduino are you using?

Tom... :slight_smile: