Interfacing a 7" GIINII display as a monitor ?

Ok so i bought 2 of the Giinii 7" digital photo frames from wal-mart the other day hoping to use them as displays in a dashboard for and arduino project I’ve been tinkering with for some time. after disassembling them i find several things and have lookked up the action industries am7338 mcu chip that these use as a driver for the TFT displays . the only thing i can find is the block diagram for the chip and nothing more on the actual board that runs this thing however at this point i’m just at the beginning and need to figure out how to connect to this card from the arduino ie where to solder the wires.

I have attached photos of the board and two places pop up immediately in my mind the one labeled J4 with vcc,gnd,ir pins and the other labeled j11 with no labels for the pins 1-4 ?
the block diagram and mfr’s info i can find on the 7338 chip states that this thing should be i2c,spi and gpio capable can i use either of thes connectiopn points ?? for those purposes ?

any ideas would be great