Interfacing a camera to display images using wifi

Hi all. I am trying to build a project where the images from the camera would be sent out to the display using wifi means( connected t my router). My issue is im not able to buy the right stuffs. I need guidance ejat all things would i need, i already bought two arduino uno a camera(ov7670) would be buying the sd storage .

What would i need to display? I dont need anything like touch sensitive things,it would be purely functioning to display. Would i need tft module or shield? Because it would be receiving data using WiFi ( router things is just an upgradation)? And would the WiFi reciever be module or shield? Is level shifter necessary with the display? What else ami i missing?

Any help would be genuinely appreciated.

P.s- i know Arduino coding methods, and im learning them also. And i have background of electronics and coding​.

Save yourself the hassle and get a Raspberry Pi 3 + camera module. It may cost you a couple of bucks more (maybe €25 or so), but not having to spend days or even weeks trying to get it work on an Arduino UNO is definitely worth it, IMHO.


okk. I would keep in mind. but since i have bought the unos i would not let it go waste. any suggestions with arduino please?