Interfacing a display from Siemens A70 (model HP10534)

Hi, First of all I want to say that I don't have any experience with grafic LCDs.
I have this display from quite a while. I took it of a fully working Siemens A70(only the battery was bad) I want to know is it possible to interface it with Arduino UNO so I can use it in future projects.
What i know about it:
-10 pins;
-integrated backlight LEDs;

  • operation voltage 2.9V (not 3.3);
    -resolution 101x80px;
    I know it is verry little but at least it is something.

I found this topic in forum, but I dont know russian and I have no idea what are they talking about(I am sorry if links to other forums are not allowed, admins delete this including these brackets)
So any halp and ideas will be appreciated!!

I would Like to say : if the connection is possible to the display easily , why don't you try to find any information about what kind of driver the display work with , I do the same whe I open an old 3410 to see the difference bitween the 5110 I've just recieve and this one , I found a lot information and it works fine :slight_smile: just few solder point on the connection thin wires and astalavista :slight_smile:


According to this XLS this display uses PCF8812 controler.

According to this XLS this display uses PCF8812 controler.

Witch one ? 3410 or A70 ?

In the XLS file -> Mobile_LCD sheet -> row 130. It is listed Siemens A70/A71 .... HP10534R(lcd model) with PCF8812/13(LCD controler). But I have no idea what to read and how to use it. As i said before I am complete noob.

According to this XLS this display uses PCF8812 controler.

I was looking for the datasheet of the PCF8812 , and it "looks like" the PCD8544 , you should have to compare both documentation side by side to see how it works , Good challenge , I think :slight_smile:

So , after some research and testing :

1/ (if it isn't made) Find the correct wire diagram

I found this , hope this will help you :

This is probably the same LCD matrix as the 3410 but his driver isn't COG , perhaps under the piece of Protection foam

2/ Use the famous u8g library , the PCD8812 is implemented and Working great with this Lib.

If I find any A70 phone anywhere I'll try it :slight_smile:

I don't know if this is a Joke , but :

For 0.70€ , we can find A70 LCD Display ...

Hmmm, according to this table u8g library supports PCF8812 but with resolution 96x65. The actual resolution of my display is 101x80