Interfacing a MAKE controller

HEllo , I want to plug a MAKE CONTROLLER to a Arduino ( to take part of OSC msg ,etc ... ).

How can i do this ?

I2C bus , ???


I am not sure why you want to do this,

( to take part of OSC msg ,etc ... ).

is not making a lot of sense. They are basically the same sort of thing so what could you do with the arduino attached that you couldn't do with the maker?

If you used I2C on the arduino you would have to implement it on the arduino as an I2C slave and not the normal master.

I have to use it to SHOW ( show difference etc ...) it & i want a unique object :

Differents sensors in MAke C and bluetooh module,... in arduino.

Sorry it must be cultural but I still don't get what you are trying to do or why.

But as I said make the Arduino an I2C slave.

Have a look at this thread as a start to the implementation:-