Interfacing a Mega ADK with an EasyVR voice recognition board

Hi guys,

After a thorough search for a few months,recently purchased an EasyVR voice recognition board [] to integrate speech recogniton into an embedded design.A Mega ADK [] was chosen as the microcontroller board for the design and has been programmed to run a few motors and other controls.

Now, I am having issues interfacing the EasyVR with the Arduino board.I am not sure whether it is because Arduino's upgrade to it's software from 1.0 to 1.0.1 or it's something to do with the Voice recognition board itself.For now,according to the instructions on the EasyVR website, given Arduino files have been added to Arduino's libraries with all the additional pin connections.However when trying to "connect" to EasyVR via Arduino while connected to PC through EasyVR commander, the following error message pops up.(it doesn't allow to go any further prompting that connecting to the Arduino port is unsuccessful)

" A 'AVR/Arduino Mega' device has been found,but the 'bridge" software is not responding or it is outdated. You need to manually download the updated "bridge" software to the device (see instuctions)."

I don't get ,what this bridge software is ? Does this mean I might have to run Arduino's new software on the MEga?

If any of you guys have worked with this EasyVR board, it would be much appreciated if can advise on this.

Thanks heaps.

Anyone out there who has worked with an EasyVR board before -please HELP! According, you have to run protocol.h file before opening the commander...does this ring a bell? Any suggestion would be much appreciated.

Hello Nick, did u find a solution, i just encountered the same problem, please share.

  1. Upload the EasyVR bridge program to the arduino board
  2. Place the jumper on the SW position
  3. Then connect using the EasyVR Commander

The above worked with an Arduino Uno board, hope it works with yours too :)

We have been following your link, it was very very useful. We had a little doubt using the EasyVR Shield.
We have successfully burnt the commands to the EasyVR board using the EasyVR commander. Now we want to use the module along with the Arduino Uno board without using the PC(i.e. without using the serial monitor. We wish to make an application independent of the PC). Which position should the jumper be set to and how do we proceed? :slight_smile:

Thank you