interfacing a wired RC controller to arduino to control 2 dc motors

hey folks, top of the day to you all, . . . .here's my problem i have here, with me 2 dc motors operating on 24v dc, and i'm planning to inteface it with my arduino diecimila(atmega 8) through an L293D h-bridge driving ic. which takes an input from the arduino(which is the output i trigger through my program to the respective ic pins) and drives the motor with a high current of upto 10 amps.

now, here's the real pain, . . . . . i have with me, an old rc car controller( the classic up,down || left,right) which through a lil bit of modification, i will transform into, a wired controller, whose outputs(viz. forward,reverse, left,right) i'll be assigning as inputs to my arduino.

now i dont really know where to put these inputs(analog or digital) and how to modify my program, or make a new program to accommodate these functions.

i want my bot to move : front when i press forward reverse when i press backward turn left when i press front and left turn right when i press front and right reverse left when i press back and left reverse right when i press back and right take a 360 continuously left when i press only left take a 360 right continuously when i press only right

i'm using differential steering and the functions described above (front, reverse etc) must me mandatorily present in my program. i want digital high or low to be triggered accordingly by analyzing my controller input(i.e front, back, left right)

i hope you folks can help me out. .. .

thanks a damn!!!!