Interfacing ADIS 16210/PCBZ with Arduino

Hi ,

I need some information on the ADIS 16210. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

  1. What is the pin layout(numbering) of the J1 connector on the breakout board ?
  2. What is the pin configuration(which pin represents what ) of the breakout board J1 connector ?
  3. What is the way to connect this ADIS 16210/PCBZ to the ARDUINO UNO board. HArdware point of view(pin to pin).

Thanks in advance.

Is google broken in your country ?

I did Google it out. However there is very less information about interfaceing ADIS 16210 with ARDUINO.

I did find the answers for the first two questions, however I was unable to find anything on the third one i.e. interfacing with the ARDUINO UNO board.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.