Interfacing ADS124S08 EVM with Arduino Mega and storing data to SD card

Hello sir,
Actually I am using this ADS124S08 EVM,it is 24 bit ADC with gain settings and data rate modes. I have interfaced this EVM with arduino mega2560 using SPI communication,data is coming absolutely right but when I am storing this data through USART to SD card using SD card module and ,data is not getting stored. I have attached my code to this forum.
Kindly check it and suggest the changes.
Pin connection as follows:-
SDO(serial out of ADC)=RX
SDI (serial in of ADC) =TX

LowLatencyLogger_6_Ch_SPI_ADC_UNO.ino (15.3 KB)

UserFunctions.cpp (3.46 KB)

UserTypes.h (443 Bytes)

It’s very complex to go through. I would suggest you drop the whole ADC part for now and try to store and read from the SD first (in a new and simple sketch). And go from there.

Btw, what kind of SD-card module do you have? Uart isn’t common for that.

Hello sir,

I am able to read data from SD card and also able to store the arduino ADC data to SD card.But when I am using external ADC then I am not able to store that data to SD card. Micro SD card module I am using for communication to SD card.

With the same hardware setup? Code?

Then it's time to add some debug statements to your code to see what is actually happening.

PS You forgot to answer a question ;)

Hello sir,
Using accelerometer as a input, and its pins connected to adc of Arduino mega and value stored to SD card using SD card module is successfully done. But problem comes when using external ADC and interfacing with mega and store that values to SD card using SPI communication. That’s why I am doing with USART.

But SPI != UART...