Interfacing Arduino Mega 2560 with LabView- Error 5002


I am very new to the micocontrollers world. I am trying to run multiple stepper motors on my Mega 2560 with LabView software on a code that already works for the Arduino Uno that I received from a friend, I need to run 4 motors simultaneously so I got the Mega instead. I was wondering if there was a specific Arduino code that I should flash the Mega with prior to running it with LabView because I keep on getting an Error 5002 from the LabView software even though all of the appropriate drivers should be installed ( it works for the uno that I got from my friend). It seems that the code that is already on my Mega, which was programmed using only the Arduino Stepper h library keeps running continuously and I cannot reset the controller even if I push the reset button, it just stops for a second and resumes the code, almost appearing to block the communication between the arduino and labview. The lights flash when you press run on the LabView interface as though it is receiving info, but it just diverts back to the preloaded stepper.h code. I would appreciate any advice as to how to move past this problem, thank you in advance.

Damir K.

Have you googled error 5002 labview ?

gave me this one among several others =>

Thanks for the info. For some reason I must have overlooked this part. Regardless there is a compounding error associated with the firmware upload from the arduino software to the Mega 2560. So still stuck with just using the Uno. Appreciate it.

This site provides simple projects about connecting Arduino to labview simply via serial port (Arduino USB). All simulated in Proteus ISIS.... Really interesting.

This site provides simple projects about connecting Arduino to labview simply via serial port (Arduino USB). All simulated in Proteus ISIS.... Really interesting.


Hey all I really appreciate the input and the support that this forum offers, thank you for the replies. I just wanted to post an update about the approach I ended up utilizing.

Upon downloading the necessary software and LIFA Base library to upload the firmware on the Mega 2560, I kept on getting a compiling error message. I looked up the info on the NI LabView forum but the deleting of the reoccurring libraries and solutions that were offered did nothing.

Yesterday I was finally able to get the Mega to work interface with LabView and I did it by downloading Arduino 1.0.4, rather than using the latest version (1.0.5). The LIFA_Base program uploaded with no problems and now I am running four motors simultaneously through LabView. I hope this helps someone else, I wish I would have thought to just do this earlier.

good afternoon, my name is airin. i'm from Polban, indonesia. i have a final project, this topic is ' control motor dc with LIFA and xbee'. may i ask your program? i hope i can control motor dc with labview for arduino but i just find 'error 5002' on my project. thank you for your help before.


I am no expert with using this hardware and software, especially with xbee. In my program I am trying to control two wings using motors, so the motors are supposed to have mirrored movements. I am attaching my program, but I still get an error 5003, which I think is associated with using an ancient computer so that it is potentially under powering the Arduino controller. I hope this helps you on your project in some way.

Step motor multiple (70.2 KB)


I just wanted to post here that I have solved the 5002 issue. You can find the solution here:

I have the following versions of software installed, though I do not think you need the exact same versions as me to solve this problem:

  • VIPM 2016.0.1 (build 1991) Nov 10 2016
  • LabVIEW Interface for Arduino (LIFA)
  • LabVIEW 2016 ver. 16.0 (32-bit)
  • Arduino IDE ver. 1.8.1
  • LIFA_Firmware ver. Dec 2011

I got all of this working on my Mega2560. I hope this helps anyone who is stuck.

Good luck!