interfacing Arduino Mega2560 with FIRST robotics parts

Hi, I'd like some advice on interfacing an Arduino Mega with some FIRST robotics parts. I have two Jaguar PWM controllers (726-1189-ND from I also have two Spike H-Bridge Relays ( We are powering 2 12volt motors with car batteries.

Is there a way to interface these parts together so I can send my motor signals through the Arduino PWM?

I'm an Electrical/Computer engineer so if you want to throw equations at me I can handle it.

Thanks in advance for the help!


"The servo PWM input controls motor speed and direction. The digital signal must meet the timing and voltage requirements listed in the MDL-BDC24 specifications. The center pin (+) has no internal connection. Because the signal is optically isolated, both the signal (S) and GND (-) pins must be connected to the signal source. The servo-style PWM input is optically isolated. All other control inputs are non-isolated and are referenced to the power supply (-)."

Where's the "MDL-BDC24 specification?

This document shows WiFi to Digital Sidecar to the Jaguar

Looks like a good starting point.