Interfacing Arduino Nano with NEO 6m and SIM900A mini gsm

Hello! I’m trying to build a GPS tracker using components such as an Arduino Nano with NEO 6m and SIM900A mini GSM. I already have the nano work well with GPS module and supply the location coordinates however I would like this to be sent to my android application using the GSM module. I went through a few tutorials online(such as Smart GPS Tracker Using Arduino | Electronics For You) however I’m still a bit worried about the wiring/connections and power supply with respect to the nano with the GSM.

For the Arduino Nano and GPS neo 6m module, the connections that work for me are as follows:


D2 → TX

D3 → RX

5V → VCC


I would like to connect this setup to the SIM900A mini gsm i have so that it can transmit the coordinates remotely to the mobile application i’m developing. My concerns are as follows:

  1. How would you connect this current setup to the gsm module?
  2. Will the 5V supply from the Arduino be enough for the GSM to power up? Numerous online articles I’ve read mentions a 5V DC 1A setup but i’m not sure how it works.

Any help would be really appreciated! Please note that I’m very new to the whole product engineering side of things as my background is in software and not hardware :frowning: