Interfacing Arduino Pro and blueSmirf

So i've had the idea to work on this project, i'm going to hook up the Arduino and bluetooth module to a remote control car. Then i want to write an app to control the car with my phone via bluetooth. I've got the while schematic right i think... My connections are as such:
5v -> 5v
RX -> TX
TX -> RX (I wasn't to sure these should be switched, but other tutorials i found they were, i guess it makes sense)
Then I have the rts and cts looped together on the bluetooth module (SparkFun bluesmirf).

So it's all hooked up at this point, it powers up.. I can even connect with my phone.

So the issue I'm having if figuring out what to do next. With the Arduino pro i don't have to do any assembly programming right? I assumed it would be like just have some command to send over the bluetooth connection to make a certain port have power.If this is true what command would i send, is there a list of them to use certain ports on the Arduino? I have test programs on my phone that allow me to send command to the bluetooth like Amarino. I've tried simple commands i though would work. I don't have the boards hooked up to the car yet, but if i send a command it know, won't the green light on the Arduino light up?

Any help will be great thanks...

This will probably help get you started.

Thanks a lot, that definitely helped me conceptualize what i need to do. Right now i have the it all hooked up and i have a program uploaded to the Arduino that will light pin 13 on if a F is sent in, or turn the light off if a V is sent in. It works correctly when i use the serial port built in to the Arduino program. When i attempt to send those commands via bluetooth from my phone is does nothing. Does there have to be any special code in my program to recognize the bluetooth messages? and do i need the CTS and RTS hooked up? If so where i do hook them up?