Interfacing Arduino serial communication

Hello all,

Im facing a new project and considering the using of Arduino as the thing brains. Basically what I think is an unit that will read sensors and keep the measures on a EEPROM chip and another unit used as data collector, to be plugged into some computer to upload the information. Both unit and data collector will use Arduino. I will not use USB interfacing but just serial.

Thinking of the possibilities I got some questions Im not sure about:

1-> It´s possible to transmit the data stored in an EEPROM, from one arduino to another (unit -> data collector) 2-> It´s possible to write some program (i use Borland Delphi), that reads from the data collector without the use of Arduino IDE? If possible, is something trivial or a little complex?

I will apreciate any details about the matter but for now, even an "yes" or "not" to the questions will be apreciated so i can decide to go ahead or not with the project.

Thanks !


  1. Yes
    Read this post: Wise time with Arduino: Storing strings in EEPROM, byte by careful byte
  2. Yes
    Also read from playground: