Interfacing Arduino TimeDate Library with DS1302

Hello all!

Ok, I am hoping I missed something or lost my Google kung fu on this subject. So I want to use the the new Arduino Time Library (here on out referred to as Time) that currently is accessible to Arduino developers with a DS1302.

From what I have read and sucked down, the Time library is built for the 1-wire DS1307. I am wondering if there is a cross over for the driver etc to use the Time library with a DS1302 (which is SPI based). Has a project or conversion already been done or do I need to code my own driver in C?

I do realize that DS1302 drivers already exist. I would prefer to use the Time code though as I will also interface a NTP server eventually with my project. If I need to role my own, just let me know, but I would prefer a quick fix.

Thx in advance!

The Time library has a method, setSyncProvider, that you use to speificy what function will be called when the time needs to be synced.

In that function, you can get time from an NTP server, from the PC, from a DS1302, from a DS1307, or from a ouiji board.

So, specify a function that gets the time from wherever/whatever you want.