interfacing Arduino to Emotive Epoc

Hey guys!
I'm a high school student working on a project in a class that is based on helping someone out using technology.
My project idea is to use an EEG sensor called Emotive Epoc (EMOTIV EPOC+ 14-Channel Wireless EEG Headset | EMOTIV) to control a prosthetic hand that I am 3D printing. I have looked everywhere and I see people doing cool things like playing games or controlling servos using the Epoc, but I can't find anywhere (and if I have found something it was a little complex to understand) where it shows me what I need and how to connect the device to my Arduino Uno

I'm wondering if anyone who has done something, or knows how to do this can help me out?

Thanks so much!
lmk if you need more info, ill do my best to share what I have

I doubt that the UNO is powerful enough to make the necessary calculations for your application. You might try it with the speed class of an Arduino Due but I would switch platforms and use a Raspberry Pi (or some similar board) for the job. There you have enough processing power and (in the case of the Raspberry Pi 3) the necessary BLE hardware on-board.