interfacing arduino uno to GSM SmartSIM340z problems

i need the full interfacing method from you between arduino uno and GSM smart sim340z , also if you can detai as much as you you can , please provide the testing code for modem with the UNO micro controller .

note : what i have done is that i connected :

pin 0 to the tx of modem pin 1 to the rx of the modem

i connect the Vcc and GND of the modem to the UNO board with 5v i provided 9v dc to the modem the SIM registered on network but when testin the modem with modem tsting code on arduino it dont respond

How much are you paying for someone to write the code for you?

as much as you are sure that your code with the connection you will support will work in my project

You have it connected right I believe; I’m not sure what to tell you. I found no code specifically written for an Arduino, but this is going to be your closest match.

If I had to suggest an option, I would get something dedicated to Arduino. I’m a big fan of the Adafruit FONA myself, or the Arduino GSM Shield if you’re ok with expired products, or something else.