Interfacing Arduino Uno with GLCD & Xbee Shield

Hi everybody, I am completely new to this forum so please bear with me :)

Right now I have an Arduino Duemilinova (Old version of Arduino Uno), and I am trying to connect both a Graphical LCD (20pin GCD from Adafruit) and an Xbee to it. Currently, I have connected all 20 pins of the GLCD to the Arduino, however, I am not sure if I will be able to hook up an Xbee to this as well.

Essentially, I am trying to take an analog reading from a remote location, transfer the data through Xbee, then receive the signal with the Xbee/Arduino and display onto a Graphical LCD. I am not sure which pins the Xbee requires, but if it does require the same pins as the Graphical LCD, is it possible to just use stack able headers and share those pins?

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks in advanced.

Kevin This might have been the best choice here, as it uses only 4-5 pins. It's also easy to interface. If you post your pinout We may be able to help still.