Interfacing Arduino Uno with LCD Display ADM12864H

Hi folks

I am using Arduino Uno board.

I am trying to connect and print a hello world-message in a LCD Display ADM12864H ( I follow the instructions in this link:

I am not using the PIN 3, PIN18 and the PIN20 I connected directly in the 5V of arduino board.

I already tried more than 4 different samples since a simple retangular to the sample in the link of the instructions (

I just cannot see anything. The background light is turned on, but nothing is shown.

(I already rechecked the pins in include file).

Am I forgeting something or do I need change the contrast to see anything?

Many thanks

You should just follow the instruction on the page you linked to. It's got everything including how to wire up the display, with a diagram. What do you mean you're not using those three pins? You won't see a thing if you "wont use even one of the pins". The pins should be hooked up like on the diagram. I guess you're not using a potentiometer either, are you?

Disconnect those three pins from arduino 5V, you're hurting the display or arduino, if not both.

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