Interfacing Arduino Uno with Little Step-U

I have been trying to interface my Uno with the little step-u stepper controller. The manual for the LSU says it responds to serial TTL commands. I am assuming the Uno should output TTL serial, right? :-?? So in the Uno, I have written a simple code that the LSU should understand:

void setup(){ Serial.begin(2400); Serial.println("{E1000}"); } void loop(){ }

pretty simple, the {E1000} means move 1000 steps.... But....I cannot get the LSU to do anything. I am supplying the stepper with 6v because the motor is 6v. I am giving the LSU +5v. I have verified that the Uno is outputting the correct code by using a MAX232 converter to go from TTL to RS-232. Does anyone have experience running a LSU with an Arduino????