Interfacing Arduino with 7" TFT LCD

Hello Everyone

I recently purchased a 7" LCD off of ebay…

and was planning on using the tvout library to interface with it. Once I started playing with the display I was wanting a bit more functionality (i.e… colour and pictures). I took the display apart to see what was inside.

I was wondering if it would be better (or even possible) to get rid of the circuit board shown in the picture that is attached to the back of the lcd panel and interface there arduino right into the ribbon cable at the top (I think thats TFT?) I am using an arduino duemilanove but am willing to bump up to a mega if needed.

Basically to start off with I need to know if this would even be possible to do and if so where should I start? Thanks for any help in advance.


Edit: I wasn’t able to find the data sheet for this specific display but I think I found one for a very similar display.