Interfacing Arduino with a Buckpuck to drive LEDs

I'm putting together a design for an aquarium fixture that will be using buckpucks to drive strings of LED's. I want to use the dimable buckpucks, but they're designed to be dimmed with a pot.

My question is, can I use the PWM output on the Arduino to drive the control pin on the buckpuck safely? I'm going to be hooking up 12 buckpucks and 72 1 amp LED's to this, so I really need to get it right.

I think the answer is yes, but I could really use some expert opinions. In particular, about how to do it "right", as I'll have almost a thousand dollars in parts in this build.

Here's the buckpuck datasheet:

Here's my project notes that I plan on turning into a guide:

Please help, and thanks for your advice!

Support page wasn't working fully when I checked it, but there is a note on your datasheet link that shows Fig 15 might do you want.

It connects the LuxDrive directly to a microcontroller IO port, and I would guess that running a PWM signal to it would vary intensity (Since you are really changing duty cycle)

You'll have to shoot a quick email to their tech support for speeds and limitations, but looks doable. I'd say that since you will be taking care of the intensity control, there is no need for a dimmable version.

Now, you could also totaly go overboard and use a servo to control the shaft of a mechanical pot.....

Thanks for the vote of confidence. I did take your suggestion and email tech support, hopefully they'll get back to me.

As for the servo and the pot, that's classic :)


Greetings from Scotland. The aquarium light project sounds great - any news from support and how is your project coming along?

I am also working on a project where I plan to use the arduino to drive the 0-5v signal input to the 3021 buck puck, so that I can vary the LED intensity, and turn LEDs on and off.

It appears that you can power the arduino using the puck’s 5v reference output.

Are capacitor(s) required to smooth out the PWM analog output from arduino?

Best wishes, patrick