Interfacing: Arduino with a FriendlyARM mini2440

Hi, for a proyect i want to interface a FriendlyARM mini2440 module that comes preinstalled with Linux 2.6.3. I really think is possible, but before buying it I googled for people who have done it... and nothing!

Its possible? Has anybody tried? Because i dont want to buy the mini2440 for nothing ;D

BTW what about WIN CE 6.0?

Interface is a very broad term. What would you want the Arduino to do? What would the mini2440 do?

Well the Arduino will be a like a data logger with control capabilities. I will be using it because i made it for another project. And the Mini2440 will be like the host pc that has some app running and internet access point.

What i really want to know is, if possible to hook up the Arduino with Mini2440 like I do with any other pc with linux?. =D

Hook up? You mean communicate with it over a serial port or some other means? The mini has an on-board SD card, so it looks like that would be the place to log the data.

Yes, thats what i meant by hooking up. What I really what to know if it can communicate over USB with the mini, like i do with my PC?

And yes the SD card is one the reasons to use it. One reason is to display the info in the HUGE screen!!! =D And use the processing power of the arm to run several app with and use the LAN port to send information to a remote server.