interfacing arduino with a josytick.

Hello people! I new in this Arduino world! I bought arduino and I did various exercicies examples. But, now I want do something. I want a Joystick between a computer and arduino, control a servo. Lets show what exact I want:

But, this is write in pyton. Are there some different if I want write in C? Sorry if this aswer is so easy, but I really dont know where can I communicate a joystick with arduino.

Thanks in advance!

Do you have the joystick already? If so, do you have a data sheet for it, or know where to find one?

Do you know how to connect it to the Arduino?

A joystick is nothing but a couple of potentiometers at 90 degrees to each other, with a couple of switches thrown in. Interfacing one with an Arduino is pretty easy, if you know which wire is which.

Yes, I have a joystick, CH products. Fighter, Trotle and Pedals. I dont know if you saw this link:

Its exactly I want to do. Conected servo wires with arduino thats ok. The problem is how communicated arduino between joystick and computer. I dont know if I need to do some software to arduino "understand" joystick movement and etc.

Thanks in advance!

I saw that string of letters. It wasn't a link in your first post, and I was too lazt to cut-and-paste. The article linked to though describes how to send data from a PC that the joystick is attached to to an Arduino.

If you want to connect the joystick directly to the Arduino, and it can be done, you will need to know which wires go where. Is that what you want? If so, do you have that information?

If it's not what you want, can you explain, or better yet, draw a picture of what is to be connected to what.