Interfacing arduino with linux(ubuntu)


I am looking for a way to control my Linux computer from my arduino. The goal is to enable the arduinio do start programs, run commands etc.

This could be done if was able to get the arduino to emulate a keyboard(usb..), and send keyboard commands. I would especialy be intrested to be able to use my consol based email client "mutt" to send me an email with some information like temperature and such...

Does anyone know how to go around this?



Hi Alexander,

There are some examples of 'talking to a computer' on the Serial page.

It would be much easier to get the computer to control itself depending on parameters that come from the Arduino. It would be quite easy to write a cron job script to poll the arduino for the temperature and send an email itself or to start and stop programs depending on what the arduino is saying.

If you have to ask, then it is definitely easier to use the computer to poll the arduino. But if you really want to do it the hard way: setup a serial console and connect the arduino to it: