interfacing arduino with tesor actuator.

Let me start off with conceding that I am a novice with arduino and also fairly new to these forums so I apologize if this question has been asked before.

I am quite simply trying interface arduino with this 5-wire actuator ( page 2 for pinout.).

I know the 5v output on arduino isn't going to work for this actuator so I have it connected to a 12v battery.

I have the black wire from the actuator set up plugged into the ground on arduino.

From here I'm not quite sure where to go to get the actuator able to receive signals from arduino, any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

If you are only installing one or two (front door(s) only), it looks like you only need to connect 3 of the 5 wires.

It looks to me like the actuator itself requires 12 volts, as input on the brown and white wires. That means that you will need a couple of 12 volt relays. The relays will control the 12 volt in to the actuator. The Arduino will trigger the relays. Got any relays?

Nope, no relays on hand. You have any personal recommendation? thanks for the tips!

No personal recommendations. The relays need to be operable by 5 volt, 20mA, and need to handle whatever amperage the 12 volt supply delivers to the actuators.

The relays need to be operable by 5 volt, 20mA,

That is not very likely most relays take more current than you can directly drive with an arduino output. For ways to drive your actuator look at this:- It talks of motors but applies equally well to actuators.

Good point. I was thinking in terms of "the circuit that triggers the relay". I left a few words out, though, when I pecked out a response.