Interfacing Arduino with Windows RT Tablet

Hello everybody !

I have developped an application around arduino mega board that involves communication serial port through the USB port of the board. Runs fine on Windows 7. I purchased Windows RT Surface tablet from Microsoft. What's the way to get the USB port seen as a serial port on the tablet ? Is there any driver ?

Thanks a lot !

Those Windows RT tablets are really limited in a lot of respects when it comes to software. There may be a way, but it may require drivers to be written and compiled using the Windows RT development kit.

Making Arduino work in an RT tablet looks like a very fun challenge, but I will never waste that money in that version of Windows :P

So... maybe you can research building a C# app for modern UI, I am not sure if the serial port is exposed.


I'm currently working on a way to interface an Arduino with winRT more for making it a windows store app aimed at all windows more than just RT tho. Though it is a great idea in principle, but with a major draw back, windows RT (AKA metro) style apps cant access the USB port for serial port communication. So instead a work around has to be found, i'm currently working on getting the program to talk over an ethernet shield thts interfaced with the serial connector. If i ever get this to work ill post the code up hear for someone a bit more experienced to polish up.