Interfacing Arduino Yun to a Wifi OBD 2 Logger for Vehicle Data

Hello everyone. First time poster, and recently got myself an Arduino Yun board for a specific project.

I was wondering if one could guide me to some resources on one aspect of my project.

I need the Yun board to connect using the Wi-Fi to a OBD2 Wi-Fi data logger. I want to connect to it, and parse it for the error codes as well as vehicle information as well. The problem Im having is finding any resources that sort of guide one in doing this. I have the IP of the device and the port number, but in terms of feasibility and a starting point im having troubles.

My programming knowledge is average, Im an 4th year electrical engineering student so I do have good competencies in C and C++ as well as a few other languages.

Ive tried modifying existing sketches to tailor them for my application but I have yet to find much of anything that works. There are also some guides on similar applications, but most of them have the OBD 2 communicating via a wired interface, and not wireless transmission.

Anyways some insight or guidance into this would be much appreciated.


i would think you have to connect to the car by wire, i dont think it has built in wifi

Hmm I suppose I should eleborate..I have an OBD2 logger, that has Wi-Fi built in. The logger is plugged into the OBD2 port of my vehicle. It creates an access point so far as I know. There are already apps that can read from it meaning that one should be able to do the same with a microcontroller such as the Yun I have. The project requires me to wireless connect to the OBD2 logger, but Im wondering if its as simple as using "connect()" with the required IP and Port number, or are there a lot of nuances to doing so?