interfacing arduno with lacrosse weatherstation

But the same hardware. I bought a weather station from walmart some time (no rain buckets ) And i Got the coolest idea too take the data from it and print it over serial to the computer and or an lcd to mount my reciever on the wall. Well the weather station base uses a tranciever. Yes tranciever. It has an eight pin configuration and it looks like the same thing thats in my atomic wall clock. But the wierd thing is despite my weeks of searching i can not find ANY information about it. Multimeter puts it at 2.99 - 3 volts so il have to use a resistor to step arduinos 3.3 volt rail down. The base unit also has a barometer with a four pin interface. I know that two of them are for power which means that the other two are unknown... Maby. Wishfull. They are serial. But the barometer is on a break out board.. So chances are its just a voltage output.. Can anyone else shed some ligt on this. I dont want to buy those expensive systems off sparkfun when i already got one. Oh and yeah i took that wall clock apart too. Got my self a atomic reciever which i can find information for so yeay!im refering to the lacross WS-1910TWC-IT