interfacing camera with Arduino Uno


I have an Arduino Uno R3 and a wifi shield fort it. The wifi shield has a slot for a SD card. Hence I am assuming that the wifi shield can be interfaced with a camera. I am not sure how to interface the wifi shield with a camera using the SD card. The camera I am hoping to interface is OV7670. Also I was wondering are there any arduino camera libraries. I would appreciate any guidance.

Thank you

It seems like the main discussion of this camera is here: OV7670 with both arduino uno and now mega - Sensors - Arduino Forum There's 49 pages but you probably only need to read the first post.

I have a camera
Ref: (Elp 5MP Autofocus Camera Module HD 30 Degree Lens Mini CMOS USB Camera - China USB Camera Module and HD Camera Module)

This has 4 pins (5V / GND / DM / DP).... I tried interfacing this camera with ardunio on seeing this vedio
Ref: (Arducam Mini 2MP SPI Camera Module for Arduino Tutorial - YouTube)

Can you help me take a picture, by interfacing this camera with ardunio UNO