Interfacing CH376s with Arduino Nano Every

I am trying to interface CH376S with Arduino to send the data to USB connected to CH376S module I am using a USB 2.0 with storage capacity of 16GB , I have also formatted the USB to FAT32 . I am using Ch376msc library which I have downloaded from Arduino Library Manager ,From that library I am using basicUsageSoftSerial example , I Connected RX of CH376S module to pin 6 of Arduino Nano every and TX of CH376S module to pin 7 of Arduino Nano every .When i upload the program ,the program is getting uploaded without any error and when I attach the USB to the module I get Fash is Attached . I am able to Create a TEXT file and append data to USB and also read data from the USB via Arduino Serial Monitor but when i connect to same USB to my Computer i don't see any TEXT file in the USB, I am not able to figure out what the issue is ?

pins 6 and 7? Serial1 is RX/TX (0/1)

i am using SoftSerial

Hi, this is a known problem with these modules. I assume you got one with old firmware. Try to format the USB drive with this application. More information on the GitHub page.

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