Interfacing Ethernet Shield with Python

Hello! I'm trying to find a way to control remotelly, an Arduino Ethernet Shield/Arduino direct by my Django webpage. I mounted a schema, see below how I want it works:

Remote User ---> WEB Page ---> Python Web Server ---> Arduino Ethernet Shield ---> Arduino ---> LED

In this case, make a python web page (made with Django or whatever) to send commands directly to the Ethernet Shield to have a nice webpage with CSS, etc. and need not to be connected to the Arduino into a USB port of my PC, but in any place, by network cable.

I did a search around WebSockets, but I have not found a way to send a command to the Arduino and receive a reply from him.

I made myself clear? :~

Thank you!

-- Vinicius

It appears that your python web server will also need to operate as a client of some type to connect to the arduino ethernet shield. Have you figured out that part?

Thank you for your reply zoomkat!

No, i'm trying to figure this out too... How the webpage will send and get information/commands to the Arduino? Will i need to import some different libraries in python or php for example? I'm sorry, i'm just trying to understand how it works and what i'll need to make it works... :~

Thank you!


I solved my problem by following this link: