Interfacing finger print scanner with Arduino

Hi I am trying to communicate finger print scanner sm 630 with arduino. Is there any library available?

Please reply if anyone had already done this .

According to the product description ( it speaks TTL Serial at 57600 baud. Should be fairly easy to interface with the hardware serial port (pins 0 and 1) or possibly a NewSoftSerial.h software serial port.

Did you get any useful documentation with the unit?

ya, I am having the data sheet.The communication is serial with baud rate 57600.But it needs to send a hex code like this "EF01FFFFFFFF010003010005" to generate template and similar code to search for a match. I tried to communicate . But no response from other side. Thats why I asked is there an library available?

No library that I could find. It looks like a simple enough interface that a library might be excessive. Try it like this:

Serial.print(0xEF, BYTE);
Serial.print(0x01, BYTE);
Serial.print(0xFF, BYTE);
Serial.print(0xFF, BYTE);
//  Etc...