Interfacing Fingerprint module R305 with Arduino

I'm nt able to connect my fingerprint module R305 with Arduino uno...... need help with the connections and codes

Here is a full tutorial:

I'm surprised you did not find that page through Google.



I am using the same Adafruit library u mentioned to interface my R305 fingerprint module with Arduino mega 2560. But i get an error saying "did not find fingerprint sensor". I used pins 10,11 for software serial (for Arduino Mega). But still i am not getting the output.

Were you able to use the SFGDemo program on Windows to connect to your fingerprint reader? If that doesn't work your hardware may be faulty.

First of all thanks for your reply sir! I connected my fingerprint reader to my pc using max232 board and used sfgdemo. it shows "Open device fail,please check password". So is it confirm that the device is faulty!!!

Also can i opt for sm630 fingerprint module instead of r305?

Sir, i've tried it with spg demo ..fingerprint is working ...... but i'm not able to interface fingerprint moduoler305 with arduino .... please help me out ............... Thanx alot

Sir i'm a final year engineering student currently working on my project which includes Fingerprint R305. I'm trying to connect my finger print module R305 to arduino but it is only working with 3.3V and not working with 5V on arduino board. Also when given a 3.3V it blinks continously with a delay of few seconds. Please help to figure out this problem.

Can I extend R305 memory to store more finger print templates??

I am using the same Adafruit library u mentioned to interface my R305 fingerprint module with Arduino uno but when i enroll a finger it shows unknown error when program mach both fingerprints i dont know what to do pls help me After these steps it shows unknown error image taken image converted remove finger place same finger again image taken image converted unknown error waiting for valid finger

have u got any solution for it?? even m facing the same issue..!!

i am unable to interface fingerprint module using mega.but same is working on uno.plz help to short out my problem

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

SoftwareSerial mySerial(10, 11); // RX, TX

void setup() {
while (!Serial); // For Yun/Leo/Micro/Zero/…

Serial.println(“Adafruit Fingerprint sensor enrollment”);


uint16_t header = 0xEF01;
uint32_t addres = 0xFFFFFFFF;
uint8_t pi = 0x01;
uint16_t len = 0x0007;
uint8_t ic = 0x13;
uint32_t pass = 0xFFFFFFFF;
uint16_t sum = 0x0417;





void loop() { // run over and over


i,m using this code to verify the password but still i,m getting reply -1 in serial moniter.
help me about this problem…thanking you.