Interfacing GSM2 Click to Arduino UNO

I am a newbie with Arduino and actually, I have a project to do that uses an LCD Shield and a GSM2 Click module.
The problem is that when looking at the GSM module wiring, i found that some pins are already used by the LCD and some other staff (SD Card module, BMP180, RTC…etc).
I am wondering how to connect the GSM module then and the code to write.
Also, if someone can give me a code to send/receive SMS that would be perfect and nice :slight_smile: (I heard that this module uses the <GSM.h> librairy.)
I know that it is too much but I did not find any post or staff on Internet that could help me and i must submit the project within 10 Days.

The pins already used are:

  • For LCD: (D8, D9, D4, D5, D6, D7)
  • SDcard Module: (D12, D13, D14)
  • RTC and BMP180: (SCL, SDA)
  • DHT11: (D2)

The attached file above is the GSM2 Click wiring.

1429114152-mikro-gsm2-click (1).pdf (18.5 KB)

Choose something else or see if you can use other pins.

It's your project. You chose this module. Figure it out.

Your project deadline of 10 days is your problem not ours.