Interfacing HC-08 BLE with Arduino nano 33 IOT

I'm working on an Arduino robot car with a 5 axes claw project that i want to wirelessly control, mapped to values from the IMU sensor onboard the nano 33 iot and 2 attached joysticks, where the hc-08 module connected to the serial pins 0,1 (rx,tx) o the Arduino mega board would be the slave / central device, and the nano 33 iot the master / peripheral, but i have no idea how i would actually code them to interface with each other especially on the hc-08's receiving end, and haven't been able to find any information online either. (only a vague but confused idea on how to use the ArduinoBLE library with the nano 33 iot after watching many tutorials and reading through this: ArduinoBLE - Arduino Reference).

I would really appreciate any help, tips and ideas at all with this.


  • What library would i use in order to use the hc-08 as a central device like the ArduinoBLE library does with the nano iot
  • How do i send a variable and an integer value assigned to it through bluetooth (in order to assign, send and map readings from the inputs described above)
  • Any other information i might need to know about bluetooth and BLE.

Build Details

  • It's a four wheel drive using one l298p motor drive shield module, which means
    supplying very low pwm values could burn the Arduino

  • The claw's 5 axis consist of 3 steppers (driven with the accel stepper library), and 2 servos, which makes a total of 10 motors (4 6v dc, 3 5v steppers and 3 mini servos)

  • Other accessories in the project are an IR receiver module, a 128*32 OLED display, a buzzer, a stationary ultrasonic sensor, and an esp32 cam on the fourth / wrist axis of the robot arm

  • It's all powered by a 4800mah 12.6V DC battery.

  • The nano 33 iot and joysticks are mounter on a glove for easy one handed control, it also includes a buzzer and a similar OLED display, and is powered by a 6v battery pack.

  • The l298p motor drive shield module in use:
    Interfacing L298P H-bridge Motor Driver Shield with Arduino - Electropeak

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