Interfacing ITDB02 with Arduino mega2560 without shield

Hi Guys,

I have ITDB02 3.2 and Arduino mega2560. I want to interface it but I want to do it in the dirty way that is without any shield. I have the pinouts for reference in the ITDB02 shield datasheet. I know that they operate on different voltage levels. So will it work if I connect every signal (as per the shield datasheet) with 10k resistor in between? What else should I take care of?

Thanks in advance!

iteaduino-mega-shield-ITDB02MEGAshield.pdf (627 KB)

Yes, that will work fine, but you don't actually need EVERY pin through a 10K resistor, only outputs from the MEGA need to go through the resistors, outputs from the LCD to the MEGA are fine straight through.