Interfacing LCD with the arduino decimila

Am new in arduino but am now having a project and i have decided to use arduino decimila and wants to use SFE Basic 16 x 2 Character LCD STN- Black On Green. The screen have got pins and i have been unable to select the RX pin and the data GRD. Anyone with the idea how to interface this kind of LCD with Arduino assist me sice am running out of time. Just want to know the pins to use among the 16 pins. If possible assist me with simple code for simple display demo! From the site '' it seems like i must use a driver? Is there a way to connect directly to the arduino with the driver? Please help[ch8230]

Can you post a link to the data sheet for your LCD? Is it a serial interface type, or a parallel (8-bit or 4-bit) type?

I bought the lcd from sgbotics. Their description for the item is found in the site ''. The datasheet is found in this site '' and an extended datasheet of the same found at '' and ''. Please help..

This is not a serial LCD, so you can not find RX pin etc.

Look in the playground for the LCD library and how to hook yours up to Arduino.

Hi MikMo, Thanks for your post. What kind of LCD is this please? I have not done electronics. Am a programmer, training to join robotics! Please help...