Interfacing LM35 to XBee S2

Dear all
I have connected LM35 to ADO2 pin or Xbee so that i can measure outdoor temperature without using a micro controller attached to XBee.
I would like to verify if the conversion factor that i am using is correct:

According to XBee data sheet
"Analog samples are returned as 10-bit values. The analog reading is scaled such that 0x0000 represents 0V, and 0x3FF = 1.2V. (The analog inputs on the module cannot read more than 1.2V.)."

To convert the A/D reading to mV, do the following:
AD(mV) = (A/D reading * 1200mV) / 1023

Therefore on my base station which collects this data from remote XBee using XBee API library ,displays the value as such:

sensor1 = ( ((ioSample.getAnalog(0))*1200.0)/1023.0);//LM35 connected ADC Pin 0 on Xbee
and then i am converting mV to deg Celsius as such:


Is this correct way to map the values to temperature???? According to DFrobot where i bought the LM35 sensor from provides this:

dat = (5.0 * val * 100.0)/1024.0;// when LM35 connected to arduino 5V.

Please advice. Thanks :grin: