Interfacing load cell to arduino using 8 bit uart

Hello, I was trying to build a cheap weight scale.i have arduino uno,loadcell(3kg), and a 8 bit uart.i have connected the tx pin if uart to A0 of arduino.however when I try to read analog values at A0 i get the values as 1023 without load.but on load the analog values go down only as below as 1021.i don't understand why.I haven't found any posts related to them either ; none of the posts suggest using an uart.can a uart be used here ? because I have no idea why uart is being attached to the load cell,i bought the load cell n the uart came along with it. Can some one make things clear in this context for me. Thanks

Which weight scale are we talking about?

So if it has a UART interface its talking serial - you need to know the baudrate and use hardware or software serial to talk to it.

what UART are you referring to? Have you looked at a data sheet for it? Any uart/usart I ever used had to be connected to the memory or IO buss of a computer so it could be programmed for the intended use. Then the data read from an internal buffer, or moved into an internal buffer for transmission.

A UART connected to a weighing scale makes mo sense unless there is a microcontroller inside the scale.


Yes sir even i facing same problem , I don't know how to interface it. There is an PIC16f913 micro-controller on it along with ADC Ic ADS1230 , But I am unable to get its datasheet! and one more it has 10 LED too on PCB. I don't know why they place 10 LEDs on it. If you know how can I interface and get its data from UART port its a very helpful for me to move further . Thank in advance.

The PIC is from another family and there is software etc to run it . There maybe some mileage in looking at the PIC forums for your board or any links from the suppliers web site. Google anybnumbers on the board . With Arduino , it is common to use the HX711 amplifier/A-D board as the load cell “ interface”’ you could look at that.